Vision and Ethos


Our Vision and Ethos are based around ensuring that your child has the best opportunity to reach their full potential, through accessing a broad and balanced education focusing on the National Curriculum.

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Success - This is not just based on Academic achievement, but on personal achievements which can be delivered through our curriculum. EVERY student can succeed no matter what their ability and our curriculum offers many opportunities for students to their achievement. From building social skills to learning new vocational skills can be achieved in many ways in our curriculum. It is also important to celebrate student success to build their confidence, personality and ultimately help their return to mainstream school, or support them into further education or a career. At South Derbyshire Support Centre we have many ways to reward success such as certificates, phone calls home, rewards and trips.

Opportunities - Our school delivers many opportunities for pupils to learn how to become the best possible version of themselves. As well as a structured curriculum we provide opportunities for children to talk to professionals who can help them in their education. These professionals include an impartial careers adviser,  Esteem Early Help Key Workers who can provide help in dealing with issues linked to anxiety, confidence or lack the belief that they can do well in school. As a school we aim to reward excellent behaviour with trips and rewards which help children continue to develop in becoming excellent role models for our school.

Acceptance - At South Derbyshire Support Centre everyone is welcome not matter what ability or background - its a fresh start for you to become the best version of yourself. We believe that everyone should have a 'clean start' to education and whatever problems you might have we have excellent staff from pastoral leaders to key workers to guide you to becoming a better person. All that we ask is that you are true to yourself, honest, work hard and in return we will listen, accept and help you with your problems, no matter what they are. We are here to help.

Purpose - When you are part of South Derbyshire Support Centre you have a purpose and that could include being a role model to younger members of our community, helping out in Charity events in which parents are invited to help raise money. Staff want to give students trust and responsibility, therefore we want students to have a purpose by working hard to gain a good education and learning new skills to move in the right direction in being the best person they can be. All children have the potential to be amazing and our curriculum offers opportunities to find their strengths, build resilience to everyday problems and work on their future opportunities in education or employment.

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